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By taloverova, Jun 9 2016 09:22AM

Everybody knows that Logic Pro it’s made only for Mac OS and if you don’t have a MacBook you can’t work on this software but you didn’t know that somebody made an emulator for this tool, and you will run on Windows 8 and other’s Windows like 7 and 10 without any errors, but it’s not so easy to emulate a Mac software on a Windows OS, but Herman Weston found a trick to make it work . So it's not so hard to make logic pro run on windows 7 you only need to make some settings to that emulator and you are done.

How to run it on Windows 8?

First thing you need to know that this it’s not an official version, you need to buy Logic Pro from their official website and after that you need to download a good emulator for Windows, you can search on for a good emulator I used E-Maculation a very useful tool, and it’s free also and very easy to use it . So after you bought Logic Pro and you downloaded E-Maculation you need to install E-Maculation on your Windows and install Logic Pro there in that Virtual Box, please note that you need to install MAC OS on that virtual box you can find the MAC OS on You will also need a license code you can buy one or you can find a free one on the internet, if you can make it work, please buy the official MAC OS don’t use a pirated one because you will have some problems.

Is it safe to use this technique?

From our tests it’s 90% safe to use it , I contacted Apple and I told about this method, and they didn't said anything so you can’t get your License Code banned if you use this method , but if you are serious about what are you doing, in this case, music you need to buy a Mac Book because it’s much better than Windows based PC’s . If you have any questions, please contact us at the email: and tell us what problem you have because we are here to help you, we are here from Monday to Friday only for you.

By taloverova, May 23 2016 09:54PM

A week or two ago Matt Matros sent me an IM asking me if I had ever read the short handed section of Hold'em Poker For Advanced Players. I haven't touched that book in probably 5 years, but I remembered it as having been pretty good, with a few major exceptions. I knew it had some terrible advice, such as occasionally limping with pocket aces preflop, but I was willing to chalk it up to the book having been printed in 1999 (it's called the 21st Century Edition). Until I read the short handed section.

I've now removed it from my recommended books list entirely. In his book Matt recommends HPFAP but says "Be sure to ignore the advice on shorthanded and loose games in the 21st century edition." He said he was attacked for that disclaimer by all of the forum cronies. Just from the few stories he has told me, it sounds like his experience with the 2+2 community has been similar to mine, though if anything less deserved. I actually make a lot of jokes at their expense and only rarely bother to tell them why (though when I have, I've gotten the same response). Matros just points out glaring inaccuracies in books and everyone gets angry at him.

Matt's perhaps a little more friendly than I am though. I'm just not recommending the book at all anymore. I could probably write an entire book just on what the shorthanded section gets wrong and why it is wrong. But there is so much bad advice in it that I wouldn't even know where to begin, and I don't see it as being a very profitable endeavor. Perhaps Mason would pay me five figures to review it and tell him why it is so bad, as he offered to do for me, but it probably wouldn't be worth it for him as I hear he rarely plays poker.

Now that I've reread the short handed section I finally understand many of the bad plays I see on a daily basis, such as people who flop top pair with T9 and slowplay it. It's rare at $30/$60 and up online that I find opponents who only play 40% of their hands heads up, since most people know they should be playing double that. It's unusual to find people who reraise out of the big blind and then check 40% of the time (with their best and worst 20% of hands), as almost everyone who has worked their way up to those stakes knows they should be betting 100%, but they do exist and now I know why.

The hotel that i was booked was The Kayon Resort , you can get your best price here

Some of the other sections in the book were pretty humorous too. Matt mentioned the loose games section. It contains such advice as not raising AQ when you know a lot of players are going to come in behind you. Brilliant. That is followed by one priceless gem after another.

I used to think that book was good. Actually, we used to call it the Bible of Poker. Now I realize it's so bad that I can't even have a link to it on my site. I guess that's the poker equivalent of the student taking the coin out of the master's hand.

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